About Us

What is IntegratED?

The IntegratED programme aims to reduce preventable school exclusions and improve the quality of alternative provision (AP) for pupils being educated outside of mainstream schools.

Our work is broadly divided into two areas:

  • Raising the profile of AP and exclusions; and
  • Piloting models in schools and AP settings that prioritise whole-child development.


The social change we want to see eventually is a reduction in the number of children excluded from schools, an increase in early remedial interventions for pupils who require them, and a greater focus on whole-child development across the school system.

If AP is the best place for a child, we want to ensure they are given high-quality provision that helps them achieve their full potential.

In all cases we wish to see young people graduate from secondary level to a positive tertiary destination, with sufficient skills, values, aptitudes, and capabilities to enable them to contribute to the common good.

We are not saying that all exclusion should be stopped. We are saying:

  • exclusions should be fair, and with the best interest of the child at heart; and
  • if removed, children should be placed somewhere that can offer them a high-quality education that meets their needs.


IntegratED is a coalition of partner organisations working to improve outcomes for children and young people: Ambition Institute, Anna Freud Centre, Aspire AP, Centre for Social Justice, The Difference, Education Datalab, Education Policy Institute, Fair Education Alliance, Inspiration Trust, IntoUniversity, Just for Kids Law, Jearni, Porticus, Race on the Agenda, Relationships Foundation, Right to Succeed, Social Finance, Teach First and Whole Education. It is a three-year project that will be evaluated by RAND and NFER.