Exclusions and Alternative Provision knowledge hub: Coming Soon! 

The IntegratED partnership is building an online knowledge hub to be the go-to resource for everything you need to know about school exclusions and alternative provision (AP) in England.

The knowledge hub will link to AP schools, special schools, mainstream schools, organisations and researchers working on preventing school exclusions and improving alternative provision.

It will feature research, stories, maps, charts and campaigning points on what needs to change.

IntegratED aims to reduce preventable exclusions through early intervention, and improve outcomes for children in AP.

The knowledge hub will:

  • Present the available research and data
  • Say what needs to change
  • Connect people

Today we’re launching the blog, which will form a key part of the site, offering insight and thought leadership on preventing exclusions and improving AP.

To find out more, contact Cath Murray, Alternative Provision lead at The Centre for Social Justice, the hub organisation for IntegratED.